The latest products
  • MV-24D(5MV-24D(5"~8")
    2-pc Flange Ball Valve with Mounting Pad
  • MV-83HMV-83H
    3-pc Ball Valve with Mounting Pad
  • MV-86MV-86
    3-pc Ball Valve with Mounting Pad
  • MV-53(5MV-53(5"~8")
    Single Disc Wafer Check Valve
Main Market
  •   We mainly sell to Europe, the North and the South America ,including UK,Spain, Italy,USA,Colombia,Brazil,etc
Competitive Products
  •   Ball valve with mounting pad and 3-way ball valve,and various check valve
Fine Quality,Reasonable Price
  •   With fine quality and reasonable price ,we prefer to do a long-term cooperation with our customers
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